You are currently viewing 17th Meeting of Climate Change Committee – 19th November 2020

17th Meeting of Climate Change Committee – 19th November 2020

The Committee asked the compliance status of its previous recommendations. The Committee recommends that forest rules of Business in Punjab should be reviewed and forest department, Punjab must be considered fruit trees plantation instead of fuel wooden trees. The Committee recommends that all provinces of Pakistan discourage the plantation of Eucalyptus trees because it consumes extra water and already, we are coming across a shortage of water in our country. Olive trees should be promoted on war footage.

The representative from the Ministry of Petroleum started briefing on the up-gradation and shifting of fuel specification to Euro-V technology. The Committee did not satisfy with the given briefing because the representative could not properly answer the questions raised by the Committee Members. Further, the Committee showed its displeasure for not attending the meeting by Chairman, OCRA. However, in last few meetings, the Committee directed that Chairman, OCRA attend the next Committee meeting by himself but he did not

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