NA Standing Committee on Climate Change meeting – 29 July, 2019

Islamabad the 29th July, 2019.A fifth meeting of the Standing Committee on Climate Change was held on 29th July, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. in Committee Room, No.7, 4th Floor, Parliament House, Islamabad under the Chairpersonship of Ms. Munaza Hassan, MNA, for comprehensive briefing by Climate Change Division.

2. The meeting commenced with the recitation from the Holy Quran. The Secretary, M/o Climate Change briefed the Committee over the action plan and proposals for enhancing community resilience and adaptation against Climate Change and Environment with a particular focus on farmers. He informed that GCISC has been engaged with Federal and Provincial Agricultural research and extension institutions to develop research and outreach program to build resilience in the farming sector. He further informed that Ministry has developed a Media Communication Strategy in-coordination with Ministry of Information and has also started working on Establishment of Food, Energy, Water Security Early Warning System in the Indus Basin and establishment of permanent roundtable on Climate Change, agriculture and food security for raising public awareness. The Ministry informed the Committee that according to the findings of GCISC 6-16 % decrease is expected in agricultural sector during 2030-2040.     

3.The Minister of State for Climate Change informed the Committee that there is no flood forecasting in near future and all the DCO’s have been directed to coordinate with the Parliamentarians of the concerned districts in terms of flood and disaster management if it occurs in future for public awareness.

4. The Committee recommended that the provincial forest Secretaries and CDA to be invited in the next meeting to brief the Committee over the tree plantation in the country. The Committee also decided to invite the Agricultural Universities to share the research papers regarding agriculture sector.    

5. The meeting was attended by Dr. Haider Ali Khan, Mr. Khial Zaman, Ms. Andleeb Abbas, Dr. Seemi Bokhari, Engr. Sabir Hussain Kaim Khani, Ms. Tahira Aurangzeb, Ms. Zahra Wadood Fatemi, Ms. Shahida Rehmani and Mr. Afreen Khan MNA’s beside senior officers from the Ministry of Climate Change and Pakistan Maritime Security Agency etc.

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