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Post Legislative Scrutiny Workshop Standing Committee on Climate Change

Marriott Hotel, Islamabad- Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) Pakistan organized a workshop on Post-Legislative Scrutiny (PLS) for Standing Committee on Climate Change. Chairperson Standing Committee on Climate Change Ms. Munaza Hassan welcomed the members and shared the significance of conducting Post-Legislative Scrutiny. She discussed the key role of the Parliament which is to create laws. She also highlighted the vital role of such workshops related to Post-Legislative Scrutiny and stressed how Parliamentarians especially women can learn from these.

The opening remarks were given by Ms. Emma Armshaw from Head of Office- Scottish National Party at Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) where she expressed her enthusiasm over the fact that the Standing Committee on Climate Change has taken up Post-Legislative Scrutiny as it is not a common practice around the world. She further reiterated that they will be supporting them at every step.

PLS expert Mr. Mujtaba Zaidi delivered his session on ‘Conceptualizing Post-Legislative Scrutiny Process’. He explained the importance of conducting and performing the process of PLS. The committee members were briefed about the role of the Pakistan Environmental Protection Act 1997, and how the technique of PLS can be applied to it to improve the provisions of this Act. Mr. Zaidi also elaborated on the procedure of PLS providing the committee members an insight into the process followed for conducting an assessment.

He then shared the findings of the initial assessment of the Pakistan Environmental Protection Act, 1997 with the committee, explaining the role of the Federal Environmental Protection Agency in proposing new legislation on the subject, arranging the finances for new projects, making regulatory frameworks, establishing an information management system whereby they can keep surveillance on all relevant departments, ensuring the means and sources for sustainable development, and ensuring coordination & collaboration both at national and international level. The committee members were also briefed about the international commitments that Pakistan has with other countries regarding climate change. An interactive Q/A session was also held where the members shared their queries related to PLS.


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