About Us

Standing Committees assist in the functioning of the Parliament and are one of the most important instruments of dealing with House business. Committees, which are often termed as “mini legislatures”, need to be empowered for ensuring an effective and strong Parliament. Though it is in the Parliament where laws and state policies are debated and approved, it is in the committees where these are to be deliberated and scrutinized. A strong committee system often gives Parliament the impetus and direction, serving as a catalyst for effective legislation in the Parliament.

The Standing Committee on Climate Change 

Standing Committee on Climate Change is responsible to carry out issues related environment and have four-pronged mandate.

  1. While representing the interest and aspirations of the people of Pakistan, review national strategy to counter the climate change effects for the people.
  2. Ensure adequate laws pertaining to all aspects of climate change are available and implemented effectively aligned with the intent of the legislation.
  3. Provide oversight to ensure public and private climate change related initiatives remain rooted in research-based evidence and are well-planned, resourced and delivered with optimum value for people.
  4. Facilitate political, people and public support for climate change initiatives.