Waqar Ul Shams

Technical Advisor

Meet Waqar Ul Shams, our esteemed Technical Advisor to the Standing Committee on Climate Change. Waqar’s innovative and strategic approach to climate change issues has positioned him as a pivotal figure in our organization. His work in establishing civil society networks and creating a pool of experts for technical assistance has been instrumental in driving our mission forward.

Waqar has an exceptional talent for devising effective communication and engagement strategies, ensuring we maintain a productive relationship with civil society organizations, the private sector, and executive agencies. His contributions have been vital in formulating our strategic action plan, with a particular emphasis on inclusion.

Known for his tech-savvy nature, Waqar has spearheaded several important technology interventions in the field of climate change. He was the driving force behind the creation of our Climate Change Knowledge Hub, a platform designed to bridge the gap between our committee, academia, civil society, and thematic experts.

He also introduced the Digital National Coordination Forum, an online platform that allows national and provincial standing committees to collaboratively address climate change issues and develop evidence-based legislation.

One of Waqar’s most impressive contributions is the GIS-based real-time dashboard that he developed for monitoring the progress of the Billion Tree Tsunami Project. He also created a web portal aimed at promoting inclusion and data sharing, offering features such as an online public petition system, knowledge sharing forums, and a comprehensive legislative mapping of laws and international commitments relating to climate change.

Waqar’s role extends beyond technology. He has led the organization of numerous national and international conferences, seminars, and workshops, focusing on climate change issues. He has also spearheaded consultations with civil society, thematic experts, and academia to review key climate change policies and agreements.

In his role, Waqar has facilitated consultations with Environmental Protection Agencies (EPAs) to review relevant laws using post-legislative scrutiny tools. He’s also been instrumental in developing our strategic plan to prioritize the climate change agenda and has been key in preparing committee members for international climate change conferences like COP25, COP26, and COP27.

In essence, Waqar Ul Shams is an invaluable asset to our team. His blend of technical expertise, strategic planning, and innovative technological solutions continually drives our mission to address climate change effectively. We’re honored to have him as part of our team.