You are currently viewing 18th meeting of Climate Change Committee

18th meeting of Climate Change Committee

Mr. Nadeem Babar, Special Assistant to Hon. Prime Minister on Petroleum briefed the committee about the conversion of Petroleum products in detail. The Committee appreciated the given briefing by the SAPM. Mr. Nadeem Babar told the Committee that from 1st August 2020 our imported petrol fuel had been converted in Euro-V. however. the Diesel will be started conversion from 1st January 2021 to Euro-V. We are importing 72% of Petrol and approximately 35% to 4O% Diesel. The remaining fuel we are getting from our local refineries. We have also directed our local refineries to upgrade their production to Euro-V but they require some time and INSHA-ALLAH they will be able to meet these requirements very soon. He further told that the smoke level in Lahore is now in better condition than the last year. Furthermore, he told the Committee that presently we are transporting Diesel through pipeline from Karachi to Sheikhpura which is under upgradation to duel pipeline. The present pipeline is under construction for up-gradation which will be able to transport diesel and petrol from Karachi to Sheikhpura within next 60 days. ln this way our carriage through Trucks from one city to other will be stopped and it will be affected on the good environment. The Committee directed that OGRA may be established the teams which randomly check the petroleum products of the country at petrol pumps whether they are providing Euro-V or not. SAPM also briefed the Committee that within next 5 years two wheelers and 3 wheelers vehicles would be converted to electric technology it will be also affected on favourable environments

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